Job Scheduling Process

Do we have all their contact info?



Get their name, address, PH, Email & enter into Jobber.


For NEW customers, or existing customers with NEW properties, go to: Jobber Work Request and create a job request so that we don’t lose track of the job.

For existing properties go to Jobber Jobs and create a new job. Leave it as unscheduled until you get a date from the customer.

This way, we don’t lose track of any jobs if customer’s don’t reply.


Have You Checked Google Maps?



Check the building height & access.

Is the Building More Than 3 Stories?


Request access through balcony, man hole or roof hatch.


Confirm we have access to any backyards and gutters.


DO NOT BOOK IN until we have clear confirmation of roof access.

Has Access Been Confirmed?


Book in for two tradesman to visit. Confirmation still needed that locked gates will be left open for us.


DO NOT BOOK IN until we have clear confirmation of roof access.


Book in job.

Record on job the location and contact info for the apartment being used, or the location of the roof hatch. they may need to pickup a key which should also be arranged.

Have You Checked That The Job Is In The Right Zone?

A run should not cross zones. If you feel that there is a need to do so, you must get permission from Chris beforehand.

The exception to this is if the job is in the tradesman’s Home Zone AND is the first or last job of the day.

Zones Are As Follows:

Zone 1 – Sydney Metro & Inner West

Zone 2 – North Shore & Hills District

Zone 3 – Northern Beaches

Zone 4 – Bankstown / Liverpool / Parramatta

Zone 5 – Outer West 

Zone 6 – South / South West Sydney

Have You Added The Customer To Capsule & Setup The Opportunity?



Sync the Contact with Capsule & add the quote follow up Opportunity. You can assign this to Chris or Pat.

Have You Sent The Appointment Confirmation?



Send now from the email template and make sure it includes any relevant notes about access. The tenants should be CC’d. If more than one tenant. use BCC.

The 3 Laws Of Scheduling

Law 1

There must be the Potential to earn a minimum of $1200+GST.

It’s best to keep the tradesman working all day. We don’t expect them to work unsafely, but $1200+ is the bare minimum they need to earn to make any profit.

Law 2

The job must fit the route.

Keep the travel between jobs to less than 30 minutes. Really, any travel time is acceptable as long as it doesn’t break Law 1.

Law 3

We must meet the customer’s needs.

We can accomodate any customer request as long as it doesn’t break Law 1 or 2.