Price List

Gutter Cleaning.

How To Calculate Price

Hourly rate is $165+GST

The minimum charge is $225+GST


These prices are a GUIDE ONLY:

1 STOREY = $200 – $300

2 STOREY = $250 – $400

3 STOREY = $400 – $500+

4 STOREY = $500+

The price depends on the pitch of the roof, amount of debris in the gutters, whether or not they have gutter guard

Cleaning Under Gutter Guard

Fixed gutter guard: $15+ per metre

Removable price: $165+gst x how many hours

Gutter Guard.

Removable Gutter Guard

$15+GST per metre


180mm wide

Only comes in brown

5 year product warranty


Fixed Gutter Guard


Poly Mesh $35+ per metre. Add $$$ if difficult job.

Fire Resistant Metal $40+ per metre

Copper gutters require copper trim and stainless steel screws. Add $10 per metre to the above prices.

Please tell us if its for a metal or tile roof

Comes in a range of Colorbond colours

Available in 250-1000mm wide

Comes with aluminium trim and screws colour matched to the gutters

10 year product warranty

Gutter Replacement.

$105+ per metre including all fittings

The Minimum Charge is $600+

This will cover costs like corners and cutting etc

Take photos of ALL the gutters so we know what to order

Down Pipe Replacement.

$105+ per metre or per storey


  • 1 Story: $300+
  • 2 Story: $500+
  • 3 Story: $700+
  • 4 Story: $900+

Comes in round or square profiles. Below are the BARE MINIMUM charges for downpipes. If the site is sloping, has poor access or will prove to be difficult in ANY way, please take good photos and discuss with the office. We will want to charge more.

Re-point Ridge Capping.

$50+GST per metre

Minimum charge of $500

Please take photos of all ridges to be repaired.

Repointing means renewal of mortar around the outside of ridge and valley tiles.

Rebedding is removal of the tile & its old mortar and repositioning tile on new mortar.

The cost will go up if includes a ‘hip’ tile right at the top or at the bottom of the capping.

Supplying Tiles.

$20+GST per tile.

Minimum order is 30 tiles or $600+

You need to take a photo of the original tile BACK & FRONT

Not ALL tile styles are available to be purchased new anymore. This needs to be clearly communicated to the customer that we will first need to confirm the availability of the tile before going ahead with the quote

Swiss tiles the minimum order is 60 or $1200+

Replace Valleys.

Price per metre $150+

Minimum charge is $750+

You need to take a photo of where the valley joins the ridge capping at the top so we can see how difficult it will be to remove the valley from the mortar.

If the tiles are brittle or the installation will be tricky because of pitch please contact the office.

Anchor Points.

$150+ per anchor point

$200+ per ladder bracket

Certification of an existing system starts from $250+ (needs to be re-certified every 12 months)

Please specify metal or tile roof

Please call if you are unsure about any of these items.